BARBARA DANA is an award-winning author of multiple books for children and young adults.

She is also a playwright and screenwriter. She has written many articles of non-fiction.

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BARBARA DANA is an actor and has appeared on stage, screen and television since the age of sixteen.

She is currently playing Emily Dickinson in "The Belle of Amherst" in the U.S. and Canada.

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Meet BARBARA DANA ... and Riley!

Barbara is a writer and actor, and lover of animals. Learn more about her. Find out how she writes her books and plays, how she prepares for an acting role, and how she pursues her love of animals, music, and adventure! 

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"Long recognized as a great American poet, Emily Dickinson the woman remains a mystery...In this fictionalized autobiography, never less than persuasive and compelling, Dana uses Dickinson’s vocabulary, syntax and ideas to craft a portrait of a gifted adolescent moving through puberty into womanhood...The author describes years of research on Emily’s world in her afterword and bibliography, and the world readers are immersed in feels utterly authentic. The result does full justice to its complex, challenging subject who, like this novel, was sui generis." — KIRKUS REVIEWS (Starred)
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Credits: "Riley & Barbara" photos by Mark Kwiatek. Middle photo: scene from "Where's Daddy?" with Beau Bridges

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